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Oct 15 2016
T.C. Wheelers
Tonight will be the last night of T.C. Wheelers for this year! Come out at 7 and 10 pm for their last tournaments! If a new Saturday venue is found we will transfer points to that venue, otherwise your points will only count for the top 30.
Thank you for supporting this great venue!

Oct 10 2016
Lock 34 Canceled 10/11
Lock 34 will be canceled Tuesday, 10/11, sorry for the inconvenience.

Oct 8 2016
High Hand Week!
This upcoming week, starting Saturday, October 15th, at T.C. Wheelers until Friday, October 21st, at Brad Angelo Lanes. Players can earn extra points just for catching big hands!! In order to qualify for additional points a player must have 10's full or better. A player does NOT need to use both hole cards to earn points. Any folded hand does NOT count.

Points are as follows:

Full House (10's or better): 10 points
Four of a Kind: 25 points
Strait Flush: 50 points
Royal Flush: 100 points

Remember to flag your tournament director so that they can keep track of any high hands. Thanks, and Good Luck!