How Pub Poker Works

Buffalo Pub Poker is committed to bringing fun, friendly, free-of-charge no limit Texas Hold'em poker tournaments to the bars and restaurants in Western New York that you already know and love. Take a look at our 'Where To Play' page to see what bars near you are hosting our games, and when they are hosting them.

Stop on out to one of our tournaments, and see how much fun you can have winning free prizes! Most tournaments will produce nightly gift certificates/prizes based on the number of players who play in the tournaments. Additionally, the top 10 - 14 players in each tournament will receive points (based on the number of entries), with the minimum points given 1st place receiving 100 points, and each successive place receiving 10 less points, until 10th place receives 10 points. The points you earn are kept track of and updated weekly on our website, so that you can check and see where you are in our Western New York standings.

Any points you accumulate at any bar will be totaled and added to your score on a weekly basis. Therefore, if you go to Caputi's with 18 players and win their 7:00 tournament on Monday night, then place third in T.C. Wheeler's 7:00 tournament with 18 players, and then go to Buffalo Pizza & Ale House with 29 players for their Tuesday night game and place first again, you will have added 324 points to your total!

The points are based on turnouts so if you play in a larger tournament you will earn more points. Here is the point system:

10-20: players:

1: 100
2: 90
3: 80
4: 70
5: 60
6: 50
7: 40
8: 30
9: 20
10: 10

21-25: 11 payouts, 10% added

1: 110+10%= 121
2: 110
3: 99
4: 88
5: 77
6: 66
7: 55
8: 44
9: 33
10: 22
11: 11

26-30: 12 payouts, 20% added

1: 144
2: 132
3: 120
4: 108
5: 96
6: 84
7: 72
8: 60
9: 48
10: 36
11: 24
12: 12

31-35: 13 payouts, 30%

1: 169
2: 156
3: 143
4: 130
5: 117
6: 104
7: 91
8: 78
9: 65
10: 52
11: 39
12: 26
13: 13

36+: 14 payouts, 40%

1: 196
2: 182
3: 168
4: 154
5: 140
6: 126
7: 112
8: 98
9: 84
10: 70
11: 56
12: 42
13: 28
14: 14

Ways to win!


The top finishers in each nightly tournament may receive bar tabs or gift certificates to the restaurant at which they are playing, in addition to their nightly points. Additionally, the top three of the main tournament will earn a Bar Poker Open (BPO) token!


Use your Bar Poker Open tokens to enter BPO online tournaments every weekend! Top 5% earn seats into the Bar Poker Championships! We run one promotion or another almost every week of the Season, whether it be a raffle to win a Bill's Jersey or Sabre's tickets for which you get an entry for every $10 spent at a bar, a Knockout promotion where you score extra points for taking people out of the tournament! Check the website weekly to see which promotion we’re running!

Monthly… !!!

The Season is divided into THREE months the last one being 5 weeks for our monthly raffle giveaways.

Each player will receive an entry to win that month’s RAFFLE PRIZE for every $10 spent in any of our hosting bars. If you spend $30 at a bar you will receive 3 raffle tickets that night.

Season Prize…

The Top 30 players overall every Season receive an entry into our Championship Tournament. The Top 3 players at every bar are guaranteed a spot as well, if a player finishes in more than one venues top 3 only the highest point total will count. The lower total(s) will not count therefore letting the next non-qualified player take their place in the bar standings. Make sure to keep trying to earn points at the individual bars right up to the end of the season because you could make it even if you're far down in the standing dependent on who is ranked ahead of you at that particular venue.

At our Quarterly Championship Tournament, the winner receives a $200 seat in the Bar Poker Championship!! The winner will be able to choose one of three BPO championships to attend: Las Vegas in June ($200,000), Atlantic City in December ($100,000), and Seneca Niagara Casino in September ($50,000). *Prize is non-transferable. Also, players placing up to 4th place may also get paid out, with gift cards of value ranging from $25-$150 for those winners! (Gift card paid places and amounts are subject to change without notice.)

If you finish outside the Top 30 or Top 3 methods for gaining entry into our Quarterly Championship Tournament, there is one other way. At the end of each season, we will hold a ‘Win and In’ tournament, exclusively for players in the first 32 players to miss the cut (ex. #’s 31-62)! We will fill all spots so come out if you're close to the cutoff (min. 100 points to be eligible). This is indicated with a Blue star on the point rankings page. We will always attempt to fill this tournament so if you're close to the blue stars we suggest you show up for a chance to compete. The Top three finishers in the ‘Win and In’ tournament gain entry into our Championship Event, and there will be one random raffle entry for a fourth and final entrant from that tournament as well. This random drawing will take place as soon as the 'Win and In' tournament is completed. You MUST be present to win the raffle.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of different ways to win great stuff here at Buffalo Pub Poker! If you have questions about how any of this works, feel free to email us here through the website, or ask a tournament director at any tournament you play. Our prizing structure is geared toward encouraging a competitive league where you are rewarded for playing often, as well as for playing maybe once a week, but supporting our hosting bars. Hope to see you out there, and good luck!

Prizes are subject to change without notice.