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Gary Pawlowski
44 first places!
38 second places!
31 third places!

Detailed Results
09-22-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1010
09-22-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1010
09-18-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1121
09-18-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1052
09-11-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1121
09-04-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub577
09-01-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)830
08-28-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub791
08-24-17T.C. Wheelers920
08-17-17T.C. Wheelers290
08-17-17T.C. Wheelers380
08-15-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)470
08-14-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub740
08-10-17T.C. Wheelers560
08-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)830
08-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)920
08-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)80
08-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)90
07-24-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub560
07-21-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)2110
07-20-17T.C. Wheelersbonus25
07-20-17T.C. Wheelers1100
07-17-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub470
07-10-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub50
07-10-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub560
07-06-17T.C. Wheelersbonus5
07-06-17T.C. Wheelers650
07-03-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub2132
06-29-17T.C. Wheelers1100
06-29-17T.C. Wheelers290
06-23-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)920
06-22-17T.C. Wheelers1010
06-15-17T.C. Wheelers1100
06-15-17T.C. Wheelers1100
06-13-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)1100
06-13-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)920
06-13-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)920
06-13-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)1100
06-13-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Tuesday)bonus25
06-12-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1100
06-08-17T.C. Wheelers650
06-05-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub560
06-01-17T.C. Wheelers1100
05-29-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1010
05-28-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Sunday)560
05-28-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Sunday)bonus25
05-28-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Sunday)560
05-26-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
05-26-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
05-22-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub560
05-18-17T.C. Wheelers290
05-15-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1052
05-11-17T.C. Wheelers740
05-11-17T.C. Wheelers1010
05-08-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub2132
05-01-17Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
05-01-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub488
05-01-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub772
04-17-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub684
04-17-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1070
04-10-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub1036
04-03-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub4108
03-31-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)650
03-31-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)470
03-27-17Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus13
03-19-17Buffalo Pizza & Ale House (Sunday)650
03-17-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
03-03-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)380
03-03-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
03-02-17Famous Dave's BBQ1100
03-01-17Legends Bar & Grill650
02-27-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub5140
02-06-17Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus28
02-01-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)380
01-30-17Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus14
01-26-17Famous Dave's BBQbonus11
01-25-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)470
01-25-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)290
01-18-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)560
01-16-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub984
01-12-17Famous Dave's BBQ488
01-11-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)740
01-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1100
01-04-17Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)830
01-02-17Caputi's Sheridan Pub2156
12-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)560
12-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1010
12-26-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus13
12-26-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub2156
12-19-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus12
12-15-16Famous Dave's BBQ399
12-12-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub2189
12-05-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
12-05-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1169
12-02-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
12-02-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)380
12-02-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)470
11-25-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
11-25-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)830
11-23-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)560
11-23-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1010
11-21-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub965
11-18-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
11-18-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)290
11-16-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)bonus25
11-16-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)470
11-09-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)470
11-07-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1121
11-02-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)740
11-02-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1010
10-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)920
10-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1010
10-26-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)290
10-24-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub948
10-17-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub4108
10-17-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1036
10-17-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus10
10-12-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1010
10-12-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)195
10-10-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub596
10-05-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)830
10-05-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)bonus25
10-05-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1100
09-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1100
09-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)295
09-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)bonus13
09-28-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)bonus25
09-26-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus50
09-14-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1010
09-14-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)290
09-07-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)920
09-05-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub933
08-29-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
08-29-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus11
08-24-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)488
08-24-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)1022
08-22-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus26
08-08-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1144
08-06-16T.C. Wheelersbonus25
08-06-16T.C. Wheelers399
08-06-16T.C. Wheelers1121
08-04-16Famous Dave's BBQ1144
08-04-16Famous Dave's BBQbonus30
08-01-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus12
08-01-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus5
08-01-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub30
08-01-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub50
07-27-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)470
07-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub596
07-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub3120
07-22-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)470
07-22-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)290
07-21-16Famous Dave's BBQ666
07-18-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub560
07-16-16T.C. Wheelers2132
07-11-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub3120
07-11-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1010
07-06-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)650
07-06-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)290
07-02-16T.C. Wheelers844
07-02-16T.C. Wheelers2110
07-01-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1010
06-29-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Wednesday)740
06-27-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub380
06-27-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub2110
06-27-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus10
06-24-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)740
06-24-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
06-24-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
06-10-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)830
06-06-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1010
05-30-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub650
05-27-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)470
05-27-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
05-27-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)830
05-23-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub948
05-23-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub470
05-22-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)920
05-18-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)470
05-16-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1144
05-16-16Famous Dave's BBQ488
05-11-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)830
05-11-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)399
05-09-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
05-09-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub6104
05-09-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1100
05-08-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)650
05-08-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)380
05-08-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)bonus25
05-04-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)560
05-02-16Famous Dave's BBQ684
05-01-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)290
05-01-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)1100
04-29-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)560
04-29-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)470
04-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
04-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub650
04-20-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus12
04-18-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub399
04-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub4108
04-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
04-03-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)399
03-28-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub684
03-28-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub577
03-23-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)3143
03-21-16Famous Dave's BBQbonus5
03-21-16Famous Dave's BBQ4108
03-21-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus55
03-21-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1144
03-14-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1010
03-14-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1121
03-14-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
03-11-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)290
03-11-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)650
03-07-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub2132
03-07-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub290
03-04-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)650
03-02-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)2156
02-29-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub4108
02-29-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub380
02-26-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)560
02-24-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)4108
02-24-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)755
02-22-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub740
02-10-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)2132
02-03-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)577
02-03-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)1121
02-01-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1022
01-29-16Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus11
01-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus100
01-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub399
01-25-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub933
01-20-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)577
01-20-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus25
01-20-16Falafel Bar (Wednesday)830
01-18-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub650
01-18-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus50
01-18-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub830
01-17-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)920
01-17-16Falafel Bar (Sunday)920
01-11-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub740
01-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1100
01-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pub1100
01-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
01-04-16Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
12-28-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub290
12-21-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
12-21-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub860
12-21-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub948
12-09-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)2132
12-07-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub399
12-02-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus50
12-02-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)1036
11-30-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub488
11-30-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus60
11-30-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2110
11-27-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)380
11-27-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)bonus25
11-25-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)1100
11-25-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)772
11-23-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub380
11-23-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub290
11-20-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
11-16-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus11
11-13-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)920
11-13-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)1100
11-09-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub1022
11-09-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2110
11-02-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub577
10-26-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub844
10-19-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
10-19-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub755
10-16-15Brad Angelo Lanes (Friday)290
10-12-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus11
10-05-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub380
10-05-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub933
09-28-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub470
09-28-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub399
09-23-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus25
09-23-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)844
09-21-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub488
09-21-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub920
09-14-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus50
09-14-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub577
09-02-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus13
09-01-15Lock 34290
09-01-15Lock 34bonus13
09-01-15Lock 34830
08-25-15Lock 34920
08-25-15Lock 34560
08-24-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub3168
08-24-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub3120
08-19-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)4108
08-18-15Lock 34bonus50
08-18-15Lock 34295
08-18-15Lock 34bonus25
08-18-15Lock 341100
08-17-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub844
08-17-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2132
08-15-15T.C. Wheelers755
08-11-15Lock 34920
08-11-15Lock 341010
08-06-15Towne House1010
08-04-15Lock 341010
08-04-15Lock 34920
08-03-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
08-01-15T.C. Wheelers1022
07-28-15Lock 34bonus25
07-28-15Lock 341100
07-28-15Lock 34650
07-21-15Lock 34920
07-21-15Lock 34bonus25
07-21-15Lock 341100
07-18-15T.C. Wheelers666
07-15-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)4108
07-15-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus25
07-13-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub1169
07-13-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2110
07-06-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub1144
07-06-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
07-06-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2156
07-06-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus25
06-30-15Lock 34470
06-30-15Lock 34470
06-29-15Caputi's Sheridan Pubbonus26
06-29-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub2132
06-23-15Lock 34560
06-22-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub7112
06-17-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)3120
06-16-15Lock 34650
06-15-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub684
06-10-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus11
06-10-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus15
06-10-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)bonus26
06-09-15Lock 34470
06-09-15Lock 34bonus5
06-08-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub5117
06-03-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)3120
06-02-15Lock 34380
05-27-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)3120
05-26-15Lock 341100
05-26-15Lock 34bonus25
05-26-15Lock 34380
05-25-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub755
05-19-15Lock 34830
05-19-15Lock 34bonus25
05-19-15Lock 341100
05-18-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub755
05-18-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub1022
05-13-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)3143
05-06-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)4130
04-29-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)772
04-27-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub290
04-22-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)772
04-08-15Falafel Bar (Wednesday)878
04-06-15Caputi's Sheridan Pub740
12-10-12The Forvm560
12-03-12The Forvmbonus15
11-27-12Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge920
11-27-12Screens Restaurant and Sports Lounge920
11-26-12The Forvm380
11-19-12The Forvm920
10-22-12The Forvm470
10-08-12The Forvm1100
10-08-12The Forvm920